TESTIMONY from Mary and Jane's Confections

Testimonial from Cathy:

In our effort to find the right person to help us rebrand and refocus our edible line we found Wendy. We knew after the first few minutes of talking to her on the phone she was the person we had been searching for all these years. She has been such blessing to us with her vast knowledge about the cannabis industry, her wide pool of people that she can bring on board if need for tight schedules and more importantly she understands consistency in branding. Oh yeah, and she’s super dedicated to getting the job done in whatever time frame is needed.

When we met Wendy our schedule to rebrand was unbelievably tight. We had signed up to go to our first business conference and thought we could get rebranded in a little over a month, as that’s how long it was until the conference. Well that month was shortened to about 10 days due to meetings we set up with a few dispensaries. When we told Wendy about the new time line she said “Ok, lets get to work so you can make your meetings”. Little did any of us know that in those 10 short, but sometimes very long days, we would go from 8 handmade labels to a brand with a product line that now includes 56 labels with sku’s, 16 sample labels, 3 business cards, 2 stickers, 1 trifold brochure, website from scratch, and a few other items to help with marketing our brand in a fun yet professional way.

We are grateful we met Wendy when we did and truly believe she has made all the difference in the world to the Mary and Jane’s Confections product line. So much so that we have already started collaborating with her on our other non-cannabis brands. This time though we’re giving ourselves that month to rebrand each product line. At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves…

Thanks Wendy! You are amazing to work with and easy to collaborate with too!